Ultimate way to promote your new book, or yourself as an author.


Landing Page Design

You need a presence on the internet that YOU control. We will design a fully functional and attractive landing page for you as an author or for the book you want to promote.

We Handle Online Set-up, Free Of Charge

For your convenience, we will not only design, but help you set-up your web page online, free of charge! *NOTE: Web domain and hosting space not included in the service price. You must already own the two.

Fast & Reliable

We require 50% upfront payment for our services. After your payment is verified, we begin to work on the design. You can expect your initial concept to be delivered to you within 5 days. Amazing, isn’t it?

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Our approach is aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience – easy reading and navigation across a wide range of devices (from computer monitors to mobile phones).

Multiple Revisions

We offer you up to five revisions of the web page concept you receive from us. Revisions include changing the colors, size and position of specific elements. No changes to the design layout, or at least not substantial ones.

Easy Content Management

Hate those outdated websites whose content hasn’t been refreshed in ages? We setup our web pages in a way that is easy for you to edit the content and post news anytime you want.

** 50% of upfront payment is required. All transactions handled through PayPal.


  • Landing Page Design
  • Support For All Major Browsers
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • Concept Delivered Within 5 Days
  • We Handle Online Set-up
  • Multiple Revisions Of Initial Design
  • No Hidden Fees


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